SASensor Digital Substation Platform; Always providing the right data for your purpose.

Protection, control and monitoring platform that can keep the nature and granularity of the information provided by substations aligned with your requirements.

Proven smart grid solutions

Bi-directional grid in-feeds, ageing network infrastructure as well as loss of skilled technical and operational human resources puts operational pressure on the grid. Our proven solutions help you future proof your network . Read more.

Open platform for technology partners

As more grid information is gathered from your network, we can provide more functional active grid management tools with our range of Open Platform Partner Applications. Read more.


Our system architecture lets you future proof your grid. Get more real time information at substation level to operate, manage and maintain your network more efficiently without disruption of energy supply. Read more.


Our customers love the flexibility of our modular solutions. Choose the hardware and software based functions your need and build your own smart grid solution at a competitive price. Read more


Less is more through our robust yet simple to install interface modules and software applications; saving you time in engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Read more


Our innovative system architecture will stand the test of time. Long-life interface modules are installed at primary equipment level while software applications cover you for decades of regulatory changes  Read more.

Substation Automation Solutions 

Harmonise and standardise substations across all voltage levels with our cost efficient, reliable and flexible SASensor system. Read more.  

Active Distribution Network Solutions

Decentralised generation is best managed by decentralised intelligence. Get your grid ready with our SASensor Platform and build your own flexible smart grid solution..  Read more.

Cable Monitoring Solutions

We future proof your network thanks to accurate online cable fault monitoring and fault place localisation within seconds  Read more.

Operational Improvements

Connect your business to the grid in real time. Our system architecture separates asset life-cycles while obtaining accurate, real time data about grid conditions allowing you to move faster and more efficiently towards a new and smarter grid with reduced need for maintenance. Read more.

Improved Safety

Running a digitised primary installation enables multiple safety improvements. Beside remote access, control at bay level and other system features such as access, environmental or asset condition information. Read more.

Reduced Costs

SASensor architecture is unique thanks to a separation of hardware, software, computers and interface modules. Sensors and Interface modules are developed for longevity. Hardware and software is updated as required, minimising installation and maintenance costs. Read more.

Robust Hardware

Designed and built for longevity, our sensors and interface modules remain installed for decades, minimising future installation and maintenance costs, Read more.  

Flexible Functionality

Gain access to functions you desire and want to pay for, Choose from improved protection, advanced monitoring and control or fault and trend recording functions. Read more.. 

Proven Technology

SASensor is operational in hundreds of primary substations internationally. After trialling our pilots move quickly into roll out. Do you want to start today? Request a demo now.

Asset Management

Get advanced insight on grid assets that previously was unavailable.
Improve asset performance indicators and reduce total cost of ownership over asset lifetime. Read more.

Grid Operations

Our hardware and suite of flexible software applications allow smarter real time data analysis and less onsite work in substations. Grid operations become smart, more efficient and better managed. Read more.

Technical Support

Thanks to digitised networks, your service team can rely on more intelligent data that is offered in real-time. Read more..