Protrol moving forward with SASensor

Protrol is the distributor of the centralized protection and control system SASensor® in the Nordic countries. The company has chosen Locamation’s SASensor®, below explaining why it provides added value.

The SASensor® system is based on two powerful centralized processors, where all necessary functions, such as monitoring, controls, protection, etc., are run as separate software.

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Eight new transformer stations for Ellevio

Ellevio is one of Sweden’s leading distribution network operators and is committed to digitalize her network. The company has chosen SASensor® to efficiently digitalize her network and be future-proof by design.
Ellevio has chosen Eitech to be responsible for the construction of eight new transformer stations located in Skaraborg County and in Hälsingland. The order value amounts to almost SEK 110 million.

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