Alliander Heinsberg Netz GmbH has chosen Locamation’s SASensor CPC

Alliander Heinsberg Netz GmbH is the municipal distribution grid operator in Heinsberg. The company has chosen Locamation’s SASensor® CPC as part of a major initiative to modernize and refurbish its traditional protections relays, with a competitive and future proof solution, which will enable it to cope with the rapidly changing way the grid is used.

This is being triggered by the “Energiewende” centralization of generation, increased volatility of supply and demand, the increased dynamics of protection settings and new protections in the future. Alliander also plans to use the data for preventive asset maintenance, thus avoiding unplanned outages. The company has chosen SASensor® CPC as the most advanced Centralized Protection and Control system available, to remotely automate the operation of its substations.