Eight new transformer stations for Ellevio


Ellevio is one of Sweden’s leading distribution network operators and is committed to digitalize her network. The company has chosen SASensor® to efficiently digitalize her network and be future-proof by design.
Ellevio has chosen Eitech to be responsible for the construction of eight new transformer stations located in Skaraborg County and in Hälsingland. The order value amounts to almost SEK 110 million.

“The stations we are going to modernize are all important hubs in the grid for each geographical area. They are constructed approximately simultaneously and have similar construction. It gives us good opportunities to build the stations as much standardized as possible, resulting in a cost-effective construction that will benefit both customers and end users, “says Jan Hintze, CEO Eitech Engineering AB.

Eitech’s mission relates to a total contract where existing 40 / 10kV stations are rebuilt by building new buildings next to the existing outdoor facilities and control room building. The new station includes 52kV GIS switchgear, 12kV switchgear, transformer and control equipment.

The five stations in Skaraborg and the three stations in Hälsingland are rebuilt in parallel in the two areas. After the new Eitech stations are in place, existing 10kV lines are moved over and put into operation, and when everyone is relocated, existing outdoor windows and old control and switch buildings are being demolished, Jan Hintze explains the work process.

In Skaraborg, the refurbishment involves the stations Svartå, Hjälstad, Hova, Käckestad and Kullåsen. In Hälsingland stations Sörforsa, Stene and Sunnansjö. All stations will be completed in 2019.

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