Heinsberg Network digitized

Heinsberg-go live- SASensor

Alliander Heinsberg Netz GmbH the distribution system operator of the town of Heinsberg has significantly increased the intelligence and insight into their network by completely digitizing and centralizing all substation systems with SASensor.

“With the increased energy consumption and with a large volatile renewable proportion in our energy mix, we have to manage the energy distribution more intelligently and therefore we implement our SmartGrid roadmap. To this end, we equip important nodes of the energy network with SASensor, to optimize the grid operation and to further increase the reliability and efficiency of our grid” says Hans-Gerd Bräkling the Head of Heinsberg Netz grid operation. SASensor centralizes the protection and control and calculates the most efficient power distribution. Furthermore, SASensor visualizes in real-time the state of the grid, the power quality of each line and immediately detects anomalies and surges in order to protect the equipment.

Dutch colleagues from Liandon and Locamation were together on site in Heinsberg to install and commission the new system and to train the technical team from Heinsberg Netz. Thus, a main building block of the intelligent grid has been successfully implemented to optimize network control, to improve the error detection and thus reducing customer minutes lost. The Heinsberg Netz GmbH continues to innovate in the region. Locamation is happy to be part of making the network future-proof with SASensor®.

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