SASensor Substation Automation System in detail

SASensor’s Architecture

Reliable, Affordable, Future-proof.

Architecture Diagram - VCU - CCU - CIM VIM BIM

SASensor hardware

The Versatile Communication Unit (VCU) enables secured connection with remote services (remote control centre and/or the office) for safe, continuous access to all digital substation information.

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The Central Control Unit (CCU 600 series) is an “all-in-one-box” unit. The “off-the-shelf” Single Board Computer (SBC) has a configurable number of fiber optic interface boards and acts as ethernet switch.

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The Breaker Interface Module (BIM) is a compact input/output interface that operates and monitors switchgear and position indications. It’s an essential part of control scenarios like load or voltage control.

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The Current Interface Module (CIM) measures and digitises the phase currents supplied by the secondary windings of a conventional current transformer (CT).

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The Voltage Interface Module (VIM) measures and digitises the phase voltages supplied by the secondary windings of a conventional voltage transformer (VT).

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SASensor Software

The interface: All-in-One

SASensor HMI provides an overall station overview and ensures a seamless set-up and operation of all business and mission-critical functions. The quick status dashboard and the bay-oriented approach for functions ensure ease of:

  • Configuration and set-up
  • Operation and Control
  • Maintenance and settings management
  • Data collection and analytics

The Function Block Designer as part of the HMI, ensures a graphical creation of functions and interlocks.



SASensor is the substation automation solution that offers the required functionality for today’s electrical grid. The digital, open system is easy to upgrade and suitable for new (3rd party) functionality for today and tomorrow.

General and comms

  • Station overall overview in HMI
  • Function Block Designer;
    flexibility to any logic
  • Secured VPN Connection
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP3
  • Interlocking (graphical)
  • Data (high fidelity) logger
  • System configuration tool


  • Measurements / High fidelity data
  • Alarm and Event recording and handling
  • Digital Fault Recording (DFR)
  • Fault place localisation
  • Trend information
  • Power Quality (PQ)


  • Operation/Switching
  • Configuration and Setting
  • Voltage regulation control (ANSI 90)
  • Auto Reclosure (AR) / (ANSI 79)
  • Auto Reserve Switching
  • Flexibility to any logic


  • Over Current protection (PTOC)/(ANSI 50/51; ANSI 67)
  • Breaker Failure Protection (BFP)/(ANSI 50BF)
  • Over- and under- voltage protection (POUV)/(ANSI 27)
  • Neutral overvoltage protection (PZSO)/(ANSI 59N)
  • Earth Fault Protection (ANSI 50N/51N)
  • Directional earth fault protection (PDEF)/(ANSI 67N)
  • Arcing earth fault protection (PAEF)/(ANSI 67NIEF)
  • Distance protection (PDIS)/(ANSI 21)
  • Transformer differential protection (PTDF)/(ANSI 87T)
  • Over/Under frequency (ANSI 81O/ANSI 81U)
  • Frequency rate of change (ANSI 81R)
  • Directional Earth fault 4 stage (ANSI 67N)
  • Synchrocheck
  • Transformer neutral over current (ANSI 50N/51N)
  • Restricted earth fault protection (ANSI 87N)
  • Line differential protection (ANSI 87)
  • Busbar protection (ANSI 87B)
  • Reverse-phase or phase-balance current (ANSI 46)
  • Neutral Admittance Protection (ANSI 21YN)